Elementary P.E. Classes

Physical Education

TBD January – May 2025
Ages 6-12

Need to get your elementary students moving?

The Student Leadership Council (made up of homeschool students, ages 13 and up), plan and implement 6 days of fun activities to get your students moving and having a great time.

Our goal is that your student will benefit from physical education by:

  • Increasing their level of physical activity.
  • Improving their ability to focus on studies.
  • Learning new games and activities.
  • Getting to know other homeschool students.
  • Finding positive role models from the older homeschool students in SLC.

More details
will be announced.

New to SCIHE? If your student is new and does not know anyone in the program, please let us know!  We can help make the transition a little easier by pairing your student with another student or Student Leader.

physical education
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